About Us

A locally owned sandwich shop, offering an Asian and European influenced menu, is seasoning the food scene in Happy Valley. Our team will promise to bring Asian style sandwiches and cuisine to an area we and our partners call home.

The “grab and go” style sandwich shop is opening its doors this Thursday, at 14622 SE Sunnyside Rd Clackamas, OR. The restaurant is located in the Happy Valley shopping plaza beside the Auto Zone, across from Grocery Outlet. The eatery will offer healthy and affordable choices made from products produced locally, including Bob’s Red Mill and Portland Roasting. A wide variety of bread choices are available daily, including French Baguette and Croissant, to be filled with premium cuts of meat; topped with delectable cheeses and veggies. Americans now are more open to international food and new flavors than ever before. There is less need for a hard push these days to introduce interesting dishes to customers.

The Happy Valley location will be the first of several locally owned Bon Baguettes, proposed for the region. In the near future, there will be more and more locations around Oregon.

Store Manager Oliver Le, brings a very customer service oriented perspective to the front-of-the-house operations. “I want every customer to have a welcoming and memorable experience – great food and friendly service with employees that love their work.” This customer based philosophy is supported by a commitment to fresh products made daily by Kitchen Operations Manager Van Tran, chef with +20 years of experience.

Arriving just before 4 AM or 5 AM, the bakers start the ovens and begin baking the freshly made bread and pastries; that form the core of the business. When the doors open, a full variety of pastries, baguette sandwiches, soups and entrees are available between the hours of 6 AM to 9 PM. The menu features American, Asian, and European flavors in a restaurant format familiar to local diners.